The CovTracer app works for halting the COVID19 pandemic in Cyprus by facilitating tracing of infected patients and accelerating action-taking. The main philosophy is described in the following three phases/actions:

Phase 1:

The user starts recording his/her location via GPS. All information remains on the device, respecting his/her privacy:

Phase 2:

Let’s say for example that the user is diagnosed positive to COVID-19. If he/she wants, voluntarily, shares the geolocation data of the movements of his/her last two weeks with his/her epidemiologist:

Phase 3:

The epidemiologist checks this information and takes action, e.g. to evacuate areas, perform cleaning or to inform people who were in close touch with the patient. If the patient wishes, the geo-locations of his/her movements become anonymous and public on the database of CovTracer. Information about the patient’s home and any possible identification traces are removed:

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